Over the years we have manufactured and installed many miles of Estate and Parkland Fencing, it is available as either ‘continuous rail’ or ‘hurdle’ type.

Continuous Rail –  consists of a post and rail system that  follows the contours of the ground. It can be either traditionally jointed with collars, pins and clips, or welded on site to form a smooth, flowing and unbroken fence line.

Hurdle type – these are preassembled panels that are fabricated to the required size, they can be made level , or raked to follow any gradient.

Deer  Fencing  - we can also supply vertical bar deer fencing , traditionally in panel form bolted together end to end. Traditional Rabbit Fencing can also be offered.

Gates – we manufacture matching or contrasting gates to compliment our Estate and Parkland Fencing with decorative steel or cast iron posts if required. Gates can be made to any required width or configuration. 

Finish – the most common finishes on Estate and Parkland fences are:-

Self colour (bare steel).
Primed and painted.
Galvanised and painted.
Hot zinc sprayed, primed and painted.

Each has its own merits and cost implications.

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